My Story

Let’s go back

It was a hot summer day in June, 1989. This is my birth. Okay, maybe not that far back. 

Let’s start somewhere else. It’s April 2013 and I just quit my boring call center job to go off on my own. Finally, I can have the freedom of being self-employed, running my own business and choosing my own work hours. What could go wrong?

I had learned about things like affiliate marketing and niche sites through internet marketing forums and YouTube videos and was ready to give it a shot. I tried all sorts of online business ideas; from weight loss affiliate sites to insurance plan review blogs. 

Some ideas worked better than others, but I learned 2 important lessons: 

1). Stick to 1 thing that works

2). I love this online business thing! 

After trying a whole range of different online business models, I went to Indonesia on holiday in December 2013. Do I really have to go back to the cold, gray Western European country I’ve always lived in? I don’t want to. Okay, now what? None of the online business ideas I had tried that year really stuck so I needed an income.

Then I found out about a marketplace called It’s a platform where people buy and sell websites. Wait a minute… I can build websites, maybe I can build them and sell them through here?

So that’s what I did. I taught myself WordPress and sold ready-made websites and online stores full-time while living on the tropical island of Java.

In May 2017 I moved back to my home country of the Netherlands. My main focus at this point was my business, where I teach people how to build and market their Shopify stores.

I also stated doing open-mic stand up comedy; something I’ve always wanted to do. I love it.

My goal for 2019 is to develop myself further as a freelance WordPress web designer while pursuing some of my comedy goals; both stand-up and online.

I’m also looking to start a private label brand of nootropics (supplements for better brain functioning), which is something else I’m very passionate about.



I didn’t want to ramble on for too long here, so I compressed some stuff into a timeline.

2006: own radio station in high school

This was my first real entrepreneurial venture. It never made a buck, but I loved it.

2011: TV Hamster

I owned a website called TV Hamster. I wrote TV Show recaps and reviews and share them with the world. To this day I regret giving this project up, since I was making $250+ per month in Adsense money, without even optimizing the site for it! Not bad for a hobby project. I could have turned this cool side hustle into a full-time income then, but instead just dropped it. Lesson learned.

2013: Various internet marketing methods

Affiliate marketing, media buying, some service reselling and more.

2014 – 2017: Freelance + Flippa

I’ve built and sold at least 100 WordPress websites and stores, probably a lot more.

2018: 21Brands

A place to learn about Shopify Dropshipping. From writing all the content, creating the courses to marketing the business, I’ve really enjoyed the process. 

2019: Orange29

That means more freelancing. I love helping clients launch and improve their business through great web design and conversion optimization. 


Nootropics, more comedy, more freelancing, video creation, public speaking, organizing events, and of course more traveling.