9 Amazing Personal Brand Web Designs Optimized for Conversions

I love personal brand websites. 

Your personal brand website allows you to combine bringing out your personality and professional track record with conversion driven call-to-actions.

A personal brand can have more than one call-to-action, for example a contact form request as well as the sale of online digital products, physical books or online services.

But whatever your prefered conversion is, it’s important to fully optimize your website for it. If you don’t, you’re simply losing out on lots of potential clients.

If you don't optimize your website for conversions, you're simply losing out on potential clients Click To Tweet

Best Business Coach

Best Business Coach is a brand owned and operated by business coach and entrepreneur Daryl Urbanski. The entire website is a single squeeze page, fully optimized to get you to download Daryl’s free e-book on lead generation. This is a very effective way to grow an email list

Although I’m not on Daryl’s email list myself, I’m sure he’s got his funnel fully optimized to get clients and sell services through the email list.

If you’ve got a similar free offer, using the single squeeze page website model can be a great alternative to a “the million things I do” type of website. It sure converts better.

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The Everywhereist


The Everywhereist has quite a unique design but it works really well. Run by author, public speaker and blogger Geraldine DeRuiter, this website clearly shows off the owner’s personality with funny copy and a creative design. Notice how the design and quirky word choices are consistent.

Not too much or too little information, this design is just perfect for a personal brand. And she didn’t forget to optimize for conversions, with a clear CTA to buy her book.

Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income is a very well known website in the online entrepreneur’s community and is Pat Flynn’s homeground for everything he does. I absolutely love Pat Flynn and if you don’t know him yet, go check out his work.

The website showcases a ton of guides, free courses, podcast episodes and blog posts that teach users anything from affiliate marketing to blogging. But despite all that information, the CTAs on the website are very obvious: sign up for the free newsletter.

Smart Passive Income is a great example of a large personal brand website that is fully optimized for conversions and has a strong focus on free content.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is … wait, do I really need to tell you who Tony Robbins is? Tony has a beautifully designed website that is full of tempting call-to-actions.

On the homepage alone I count 6 effective call to actions: (1) take our free life assessment, (2) schedule a coaching call, (3) store, (4) reserve your seat for the next event, (5) subscribe to the newsletter (box) and (6) another one at the bottom of the homepage.

A perfect example of a killer design that makes the most out of its visitors.

Brian Tracy


Brian Tracy is yet another highly successful public speaker and legendary sales trainer. I love he simplicity of the services listed on his homepage. In the blink of an eye, I can see what Brian’s business does and click through to any of the services right away.

Many of these services pages lead to an opt-in form, which is smart. Like I mentioned earlier, getting subscribers on your email list is a great way to convert website traffic.

Most people are not going to buy your products or services on their first visit, so capturing their email addresses allows you to continue talking to them overtime, until they’re far enough into the funnel and ready to buy.

Most people are not going to buy your products or services on their first website visit, so capturing their email address is critical Click To Tweet

Hallie Crawford


Hallie Crawford is a well-known career and business coach. Although her company employs 6 coaches in total, she decided to find a balance between a corporate and personal branding website.

To lower the barrier, she offers a Complimentary Consultation session to which you’ll find many references through the website (call-to-action). With such a personalized services, I think she made the right decisions by offering a live chat feature. Notice how the default message on the live chat also links to the free session – very well done.

By offering a free consultation session to your website visitors, you lower the barrier to entry since most people won't buy anything on their first contact Click To Tweet

Jon Lee Clark


Jon Lee Clark is an internet marketing consultant, which is remarkable since he’s only just a child! Seriously though, I love the twist of putting a childhood photograph on the homepage; it makes it very personal and unique and I bet is a great conversation starter.

Other than that, it’s a clean résumé site with a live chat, social media profiles and a contact form.

Tip: prominently display social icons on every page of your website to win trust Click To Tweet

Jon Gordon


Jon Gordon is a 5-time best selling author and keynote speaker. I love the design of his website. He offers a range of free information as well as links to buy his books and services. He also offers a free 7 Step Action Plan digital download.

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Chris Ducker


Chris Ducker wrote 2 fantastic books on entrepreneurship: Rise of the Youpreneur and 4x Amazon Best Seller Virtual Freedom. The photographs and design of his website are stunning and, as you should expect by now, is fully optimized for conversions.

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All the above examples have 2 things in common:

  1. They’re well designed, look great and are easy to navigate
  2. They all have clear call-to-actions

Whether you want potential customers to call you, email you, sign up for your newsletter or buy your e-book, it’s important to drive your visitors to doing want you want them to do.

Yet many personal brands fail miserably at this, and simply lose out on potential clients because of it. Optimizing your traffic is key.

Do you think your website needs a re-design to fully leverage your traffic? Email me today at koen@orange29.com and I’d love to see how I can help.

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